Windows 7 theme for windows XP

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Windows 7 theme for windows XP

Post  Halim on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:00 pm

Are you looking to download a windows 7 Theme For XP? Then here is one excellent pack that gives you windows 7 visual styles with superbar, windows 7 start orb, windows 7 taskbar and gorgeous windows 7 wallpapers for your Windows XP.

Download Windows 7 Theme For XP:

This Windows 7 Theme For XP is by a deviantart user Sagorpirbd and it makes your Windows XP look just like Windows 7.Download the Windows 7 Theme for XP from here. The zip file consists of the following:

The visual style.
The styler theme.
Some Beautiful Wallpapers (1920×1200).
Windows 7 ViStart Skin.

To enable third party visual styles, You would first need the UXTheme Multi-Patcher. Also, get the Styler Toolbar here.This can entirely change the look and feel of the Windows XP’s toolbar. So, you can change your toolbar to make it look like Windows 7.

With this Windows 7 theme For XP, you get a perfect looking Taskbar, Tray Icons, Quicklaunch Buttons and windows 7 start orb. Enjoy the Windows 7 theme For XP!!!.

Check this video on how to install it.


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